In June, 1933, the Barker-Karpis gang, with the help of one of Al Capone's henchmen, kidapped wealthy brewer William Hamm. This historically-accurate novel imagines how reluctant gangster Mick Powers got involved in this sinister crime. Everything's on the line for Mick, who has nowhere to turn since the cops are even more treacherous than the kidnappers. In fact, the former chief of police helped plan the kidnapping.

But writing and delivering ransom notes is boy scout stuff compared to Mick's main challenge: His wits and courage are the only thing keeping the gangsters from terminating his reporter friend Janie Vetter, who is now a young mother.

Mick's girlfriend Myrtle, a fur thief (depicted on the cover) is spiraling into a deep funk and can't seem to accept his, or anyone's, affections. All the while, the professional killers Swede and Rico have every reason to make Mick their latest victim.

Come join Mick in the dark streets of Saint Paul as he tries to survive a partnership with Fred Barker, Alvin Karpis and Al Capone's opera-loving executioner, Shotgun George Ziegler.





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In the winter of 1932, the professional killer Swede Fanlund stalks bootlegger Mick Powers through the dark, cold streets of Saint Paul. Mick’s survival depends on his alliance with the Barker-Karpis gang, which needs his help in planning bank robbery.

Meanwhile, Mick’s young friend, the newspaper reporter Janie Vetter, is falling in love with a handsome but crazy gangster. Mick’s sometime-girlfriend Myrtle takes up with a rich guy, and Mick finds comfort with a woman who is Ma Barker’s paid companion.

Hop into Mick’s Essex Terraplane and come along for the ride as Prohibition ends and the Gangster Era enters its darkest, most dangerous time.





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Covers designed by Zoe Shtorm



It's spring, 1932 and bootlegger Mick Powers is paid to shadow two females who are new in town. But those women, and Mick, are in more trouble than they know.

Based closely on the real-life





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The Police Chief and the Barker Gang

The roll-call of Public Enemies has long been missing one important name. Alvin Karpis, Fred Barker, Doc Barker and John Dilinger are now joined by “Big Tom” Brown.

A gangster who was also chief of police, Brown was a secret partner of some of the most notorious criminals of the 1930s. Brown’s hidden role in the kidnappings, bank robberies and murders of the Public Enemies era is fully explored for the first time.

The story is illustrated with more than 30 photos, many never before published.

Read on: Small town, big crimes.



It's November, 1963 and a mysterious stranger encourages young Rick Moore to take a job at the Carousel Nightclub, which is run by an obscure gangster named Jack Ruby. Rick's background in military intelligence hardly prepares him for what is about to happen in Dallas.

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From the author:

Hello, I'm Tim Mahoney. I live in Saint Paul, Minnesota. I'm still writing about and researching the Gangster Era of the 1930s. You can reach me at ...